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Deltora Quest

August 10th 2006 03:19
Deltora Quest - Forests of Silence
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If there is any great children's fantasy series around, it's definitely this series. I would make a review for each of the 15 books in the series, but being the lazy butt that I am I'll just make a collective review. Who knows, when I'm feeling productive I'll make the individual reviews. =)

There are three main characters: Lief, son of a blacksmith, Barda, a beggar, and Jasmine, a wild girl from a place called "Forests of Silence". An unusual bunch, to begin with, because most fantasy books will not include guards-turned-beggars and wild girls in the main plot. But there you go. That's another thing that's appealing in this series: nothing is what it seems. Even I was sometimes taken by surprise.

The first series, Deltora Quest, has 8 books in all and follows the trio around the land of Deltora to seek the magical gems and overthrow the evillness that is the Shadowlord, as well as find the rightful heir to the thrown.

The second series, DQII: Deltora Shadowlands, has 3 books and follows the trio underneath Deltora in search of the Pirran Pipe. Once they find the three pieces of the pipe they can go to the Shadowlands where the Shadowlord lives and rescue the Deltoran captives there.

The third and final series, DQIII: Dragons of Deltora, has 4 books and follows the trio around Deltora to destroy the 4 evil sisters leeching the life out of the land. The final 3 pages of the fourth book made me cry, because it heralded the end of a wonderful series.

The beauty behind this series that I think lacked in other fantasy books is that it engages the readers in the quest. One very obvious way is through the various puzzles and riddles to solve. This may be a children's series, but the puzzles and riddles are hard.

Madame Rodda has once again captured my imagination thanks to her awesome writing style. I'll send her roses if I could, oui!

I bought my books from Dymocks, Kinokuniya, and Angus and Robertson. This series can be found in the Youth section of libraries, and the Young Readers' section in bookstores.

I rate this series:

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Comment by Anonymous

August 17th 2006 23:15
I love DQ!

Comment by Anonymous

September 4th 2006 07:06
Deltora Quest is the best thing ever I hope they make a movie soon! Deltora Quest Rules!

Comment by Victoria

October 1st 2006 04:47
I hope they make a movie soon too! I'm just hoping that, IF they do, they won't employ some little boy actor without a european accent because this series is, after all, set in a medieval European setting (even though, yes, we are never really told what and where deltora is)

Comment by Anonymous

November 30th 2006 03:39
Deltora Quest is da best book in da world! I'm 14 and i was recommended by my teacher to read this book. all i thought was yeh what ever i'll give it a try, but when i finished da first one i was in love with it. i was never a book worm. later on at school we had the premiers reading challenge and read all the books and i got a certificate signed by steve bracks. EMILY RODDA U ROCK!!!! P.s Lief is cool!!! Keep writing more deltora quest books. my favourite was the lake of tears. Awesome!!!

, Victoria.

Comment by Nuks

January 16th 2007 13:09
The deltora quest series is really Awesomely, interestingling, one of a kind quest , story
it is the most fasinating and imagnative thing ive ever read. the moment i pick that book up, i drift away into a world like no other with mysterious characters, savage beasts and mighty dragons, a woundrous world of dreams.Emily rodda moulds a wonderous world of pelrious adventure, the love of a king for his kindom and the amazing cpurage and faith he and his campanions have. together this creates the magnificent world of Deltora

Comment by Anonymous

March 15th 2007 03:22
i love them i have read all 15 twice and they r the best now i jest cant something this good so i don't read that much any more

Comment by Aussie

May 19th 2007 20:54
Excelent book, i'm 15 now and i have every book. It has actually inspired me to write my own novel. It is 43,985 words so far and still going; if you see a book on the shelves called: Railen over the next year you can say: "hey, I helped inspire that kid to write his own novel"

-Thanks Liam

Comment by Anonymous

May 30th 2007 01:06
I just started this series one week ago. I have read all the books in the deltora quest series. Now I am in the middle of the CAVARAN OF FEARS (deltora shadowlands) This books are the best!

Comment by Anonymous

October 12th 2007 03:58
OMGOSH!!!! deltora is the bomb!!! i aboslutely love it! i was never much of a reder but omg! awesomness^^ im 12 btw im just about to read "the sister of the south" and cant wait!

- Katie
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Comment by Anonymous

March 30th 2008 23:00
my friend told me to read it when i was in primary but i was like no its to long and borin then the next year in high school i was like ill give it a shot and i loved it and bought all the books and im starting to read it again i love it soooooooooo much


Comment by Anonymous

March 30th 2008 23:01
my friend told me to read it when i was in primary but i was like no its to long and borin then the next year in high school i was like ill give it a shot and i loved it and bought all the books and im starting to read it again i love it soooooooooo much


Comment by Anonymous

October 21st 2008 00:37

Comment by Anonymous

April 20th 2009 09:25
woot deltora rules

Comment by Kazzy <3z Lukee

July 4th 2009 13:51
OmGGosHH, i loveeee this series, and im in yr 9! When i was younger, the books looked really boring so i didnt bother reading them, but now, they're awesome and i havent even finished the whole 1st series. Im up to Valley of the Lost which i was supposed to borrow but i missed it and got the last one instead Cant wait to finish them!!!

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